Week 1: Operations tone up Fourth grade
Fourth grade will begin an 8 week virtual health unit through Operation Tone up, a program designed for learning the basic health components such as nutrition, hydration and exercise. I will post on here each week the topic we will be discussing.

Each week I will be focusing on a different aspect of fitness and your health. The topics will include cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and strengthening, flexibility, body mass index (BMI), the F.I.T.T principle, nutrition, hydration and meal planning

Week 1: Cardiovascular Fitness
This week we will be focusing on starting to develop our cardiovascular endurance through exercises geared toward getting your heart pounding and body moving. Cardio (heart) vascular (blood vessels) endurance is the ability of the heart, lungs and blood vessels to deliver oxygen to your body tissues. 
Your heart is the strongest muscle in your body and as such needs to be worked just as hard as your muscles you can see. The only way to work your heart is through movement. That movement is personal however. I love biking and will be spending much of my free time challenging my cardiovascular system through training on my bike whether on the spin trainer inside or on the roads and bike paths of Jefferson County. If you see me on the roads, slow down, drive wide around and say hi! You may not enjoy biking as much as I do, so any movement that sustains yours heart rate at a medium to high level will work. Swim, run, walk fast, bike, etc. Do what you love and it won't seem like work. 
In order to find a good heart rate during training you can either use the talk test or a heart rate monitor. The "talk test" means you should be able to somewhat talk during exercising. You should not be able to have a full conversation because that means you are not working hard enough, but if you cannot talk at all, you are working TOO hard. 

Assignment: Due 4/17 by 3 pm. Fill out the physical activity log below with cardiovascular activities that you complete throughout the next two weeks. When complete, take a picture or scan and submit it to me via class dojo or email catkins@k12.wv.us. 

physical activity log.docx