Week 1: Let's learn about Muscles
We are going to take this first week and start to learn about the large muscle groups.

Upper Body - the upper body consist of muscles that help move your arms, head, and torso.
Lower body - the lower body consists of muscles that help move our legs.

Let's first talk a little about the upper body muscles. The upper body muscles are used to help move your arms, head and neck, back and core or torso. Beginning with the head, we will work our way down to our feet. Our face has muscles to help us smile, frown, smirk, wink, etc. In fact, it takes more effort to frown then to smile. So give us a great big smile and show those pearly whites more often. Next, the muscles in the neck help us to look side to side and up and down. Without those muscles, we wouldn't be able to watch a NASCAR race or football game (or my favorite, hockey). The muscles in the arms help us to bend and extend. We need them for throwing and catching, hitting a baseball, picking up a pencil or scratching our back...oh man, the itches would not get scratched, yikes! Our back helps us to pick heavy things up, even though you should lift with your legs. It also is used in pulling and twisting. Good examples are tug of war and swinging a baseball bat. Lastly, our core muscles, the 6 pack we all desire (and everyone has) help us to rotate, curl up, bend backwards and even spin in a circle in the air. Try it, jump up and spin and try not to use your core muscles...did you go all the way around or just a little

Now, the lower body focuses on the muscles that get you moving from here to there. The legs have four major muscles. The top part of your leg, between your waist and your knee have muscles on the front called Quadriceps or quads and muscles on the back called hamstrings or hammies. These are both critical in helping to move and the bigger and stronger the muscles, the faster you will go. The lower leg has the calf muscles on the back called the gastrocnemius and the front shin. You can get some major cramps in calves or shin splints without proper hydration and stretching, so make sure to always drink plenty of fluids and stretch when exercising.

Assignment: Due date 4/3 by 3 pm. This weeks assignment will be to draw a picture of your body and name 3 things you can use your different muscle groups to do. Muscle groups are: Head, neck, arms, back, torso, legs. Extra credit if you draw yourself in a Caps Jersey...joking, but all my Caps fans out there can do it if they would like to give me a smile. Please take a picture or scan your work and submit it to me on Class Dojo. 

p.s. - check out Class Dojo and do the Push up challenge. More challenges to come!