Week 2: Passive Technology and fitness
Week 2: Passive Technology and Fitness
We are constantly bombarded with technology to make our lives easier, but what toll does this take on our fitness? Imagine 200 years ago, people walked places, they lived close enough to walk or ride horses to work, they did a lot more strenuous jobs like farming, industrial, etc. and if they wanted to play, they went outside. Now we have Alexa to turn on the lights, change the channel on the television, cars for getting places, phones, tablets, television, video games for passive entertainment. Even some of our toys do the work for us like electric scooters and hoverboards. Technology is fantastic, but we need to remember that 60 minutes of exercise a day is not a chore, but a gift for our future self. It keeps us healthy and gives us the best chance of living a long, healthy life. This week, the goal is to go outside and walk, run or play for at least 60 minutes and enjoy it.

Assignment: Due 4/17 by 3 pm, write a paragraph, using 3rd grade sentences, Capitalization and punctuation, about the effect that technology has on YOUR life. Describe how you would live 200 years ago, how would you get to school? What would you do for fun? Research one game that they used to play and describe the rules of the game. Bonus points: take a picture of you playing the game with your family.

Third grade will begin learning about cardiovascular fitness. This weeks assignment is to complete the workout below 3-5 times this week. If you have a short name, consider doing your middle name instead or both first and middle name. No evidence is required of this, but if you want to submit a video or photo of you doing it you can ;-)