September 25, 2017: Destiny Underwood and Chloe Dils

destiny underwood

Destiny Underwood

Mrs. Allinger chose Destiny Underwood as her student of the week because she is a very hard-worker and shows effort in all of her assignments. She is a consistent follower of our school respect rules and shows kindness and compassion to her classmates daily. Destiny is an excellent partner during group work activities and also has the self-motivation to complete work independently. Mrs. Allinger is very proud of Destiny's start to this new school year!


Chloee Dils

Mrs. Ceravalo chose Chloee Dils as student of the week because of her positive attitude. She is very thoughtful and caring toward others. Chloee always gives 100%, whether it be completing work, participating in an activity, or being a friend to someone. It is a pleasure to work with Chloee!

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