September 24, 2018: Caleb Davis & Addison Lanning

Caleb Davis


Caleb Davis is a very bright and inquisitive student!  He is always excited to learn new things and share facts he’s read about in non-fiction books.  Caleb enjoys reading about weather storms and other science related topics!

Caleb is a very good friend to his classmates and shows respect each day through his words and actions!  He is understanding and compassionate, which makes him an excellent role model for all SJES students.  I am very proud of his hard work and kindness! 
-Mrs. Allinger

Addison Lanning

I selected Addison Lanning for my Character Counts student of the week because of her leadership skills, kindness toward others, and responsibility.  She completes all of her work neatly and on time.  She is always willing to contribute to class discussions and group work.  Addison will gladly help others in need.  Way to start the year, Addison! -Ms. Ceravalo

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