October 8, 2018: Erich Fennell & Gwen Thoma

Erich Fennell

picture of Erich

Erich is always on task, follows directions, and helps others in the class when they do not understand.  He plays well with others and loves learning. 
-Mrs. Zimmerman

Gwen Thoma

picture of Gwen

Gwen Thoma was chosen as student of the week because she is a model of good character.  She helps others when they need help and is always pleasant to be around.  She is eager to learn and wants to know more.  Her work ethic inspires others to do well.  Gwen came from Qatar, and she has a lot of experiences to share with others. I enjoy working with her.  Gwen is a wonderful young lady, and it is a privilege to have her in my class.
-Miss Potts

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