October 2, 2017: Cailee Garmen and Makaila Michaels

Cailee Garman

Cailee arrives at school each day with a smile and is ready to learn. She is a positive role model to others. She tries her best at all times. She enjoys reading with her friends and is off to a great start in first grade! Way to go Cailee!


Makaila Michaels

One of the reasons that she was chosen was for her sportsmanship and friendliness with all of her classmates. She is constantly helping other students, she always has a happy disposition, and she accepts the fact that Mrs. Grantham will call her by the wrong name at least once a week and probably more often. She strives to do her best on all of her classwork, and she is a model of a well-rounded individual. Nicely done Makaila!


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