October 23, 2017: Sophia Lopez and Marianna Pallares

Sophia Lopez

Sophia is a wonderfully talented and caring student. She is a great peer and friend to her classmates. She comes to school ready to learn with a positive attitude. Sophia is kind, caring, and respectful to everyone around her, including classmates and teachers. In art class, she shows great talent as an artist and masters any art assignment she is given. She is responsible and always focuses on taking her time while trying her very best. Her line quality and craftsmanship are superb, showing she is a methodical and conscientious art student. In art class, she is a great listener and respectfully takes part in conversation with peers and teachers. Sophia shows many great qualities, and this is why Mrs. DeAnna has chosen her for Student of the Week! Congratulations, Sophia!


Marianna Pallares

Marianna is a delight to have in class. She is responsible, helpful to others, and always has a smile on her face. She displays the qualities of a good student and citizen each day in class and in school.


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