October 16, 2017: Charlotte Trump and Sheraya Alford

Charlotte Trump

Charlotte is a delightful, intelligent, and well-mannered student. She asks at least once a day what she can do to not only help her teacher but also her peers. She always volunteers to share her work in class and explains it so everyone can understand. She can get along with anyone and if a problem arises, she is always there to help solve it. She is the perfect role model for her peers. Not only is she an all-around exceptional student, but she is also a great example of a good citizen.


Sheraya Alford

Sheraya is a young lady that brightens up any room that she enters. Each day, she shows up with a gigantic smile on her face, and she brings life to the classroom. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, not only to the students but to me as the teacher as well. In addition, Sheraya is a leader in the classroom and loves to jump in to help others. In the future, she would make a great teacher or leader. Regardless of what Sheraya chooses to pursue, she will be successful because she has a winning personality and a strong work ethic.


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