March4, 2019: Aeryn Keysor & Tristan Boggs

Congratulations Aeryn Keysor!
She comes to school each day with a smile on her face and ready to start the day. She works hard and enjoys telling her friends about her trips to Hershey park.  She loves to read, draw and write in her journal. She is also helpful to her peers and teachers ~ Ms. Greene
Aeryn Keysor

 Congratulations Tristan Boggs
Tristan is a great student who brings a lot to class discussions. He's enthusiastic about learning! He works hard in class and puts forth a lot of effort. Tristan is kind to his classmates and always offers an encouraging word. He loves to read and write. He has written really good stories and pieces of non-fiction so far this year. He loves to share-whether it's a story, a passage or something he's brought from home. Keep up the good work, Tristan! ~Mrs. Mangum
Tristan Boggs

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