January 29, 2018: Lorelei Oligmueller and Hannah Elliott

Lorelei Oligmuller

Lorelei is a fun-loving Kindergartner in Ms. Horne's class. She always comes to school with a smile on her face and a kind heart. In physical education class, Lorelei gives all of her effort and attention to every activity and is a great role model for other students. She was picked for this wonderful award because she is always willing to help, volunteer or demonstrate with an activity or skill. She loves to try new skills and games and is always willing to help a classmate in need. Congratulations Lorelei!


Hannah Elliott

Respectful to both colleagues and teachers, Hannah Elliott is this quiet young lady that excels in language arts subjects. She also strives to improve her math grades instead of just giving up. In fact, she received awards for all work completed during the nine weeks and was recognized for no incident forms for the first semester. Hannah displays sportsmanship during the games that are played to review concepts, and many of her classmates would call her their friend.


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