January 15, 2018: Abigail Simpson and Caden Morningstar

Abigail Simpson

It is a pleasure to nominate Abigail Simpson as Student of the Week. Abigail is a caring young ladywho welcomes each morning with a smile. I can always count on her to greet me with a cheerful hello as she gets off the bus and enters school. She comes to school prepared to work each day and she is excited to learn new things. Keep up the awesome job, Abby!

-Mrs. McKee


Caden Morningstar

I chose Caden for various reasons. I have worked with Caden this year on controlling his words and talking out his emotions. We have had several discussions when he has needed reminders as to handling a situation, but he has always been honest with me and empathetic.

Caden has greeted me with a smile on his face each time I visit with him. He seems to really enjoy school, his classmates, and his teacher. He does find some work challenging but will perservere on his own, or at times ask for help.

-Ms. Manzuk


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