Jan. 14: Lindsey Sigler & Grace Custer

Lindsey Sigler

I selected Lindsey Sigler for the Character Counts award because of the hard work and effort that she puts into what she does at school.  She has a positive attitude and is always willing to help her classmates and teachers.  She is a wonderful role model to all around her.
-Mrs. McKee

Grace Custer


Grace has been selected for the Student of the Week for January 14-18. She exhibits many amazing qualities.
First, she always comes to class with a smile on her face and a “go to” attitude. She brings happiness to our group, just with her bright smile and her upbeat personality.
Second, she has what we call “grit,” “growth mindset,” or perseverance. Even when she is faced with a difficult problem to solve---not only does she not give up, but also she seeks out other people to help or other strategies to solve the dilemma.
Third, she has a great personality. She is willing to help others, work with any group of
students, and/or give others encouragement or a pat on the back.
Grace is a wonderful asset to our South Jefferson family for these reasons and many more.

-Ms. Manzuk

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