December 18, 2017: Tearsean Cooke, June Vrobel, and Quentin Ambroise

Tearsean Cooke

Mrs. Hillman nominated Tearsean as Student of the Week. Tearsean comes to library with a smile on his face and always tries his hardest. He treats his books with care and remembers to return them. Keep up the good work Tearsean!


Quentin Ambroise

Quentin is a great student and peer. He is an amazing teacher’s assistant and he is always ready to help.
He tells really funny jokes! In a group, he always participates and helps all his teammates. At recess, he shows amazing sportsmanship and never excludes other students. He is also very responsible and gets amazing grades because of his hard work!


Jurnee Vrobel

Mrs. Slagle nominated Jurnee saying that she makes our classroom run more smoothly and has great ideas for making class fun. For example, she recentlyhelpedwrite a comical play to share with the class. In addition, she is always asking, “What can I do to help?” She is a really hard worker and never gives up when tasks get complicated or difficult. She may be one of the kindest people I know. She will work with or help anyone and never makes others feel unwelcome. Her smile is contagious! She is also a great athlete but never brags about her accomplishments or skill.


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