April 1: Haley Salyards & Kai Plinski

Congratulations Student of the Week
Haley Salyards
Haley Salyard

Haley Salyards has incredible enthusiasm for school! She loves learning so much, that once when I sent her to the nurse, she was upset because it was going to “interrupt her learning.” She has a smile on her face everyday and a willingness to tackle whatever challenge is in front of her. Haley is a great friend to her peers, and she is super friendly. She easily engages in conversations with both adults and students. Haley works hard, tries her best, and really embraces the idea that school is her workplace and that her job is to learn. Congratulations

, Haley
~Ms. Sigley 

Congratulations Student of the Week ....
Kai Plinski!

Kai Plinski
Kai is an amazing 5th grader that I have had the pleasure of teaching for many years. His passion for sports and life is refreshing and contagious. He is an amazing athlete. He has participated in many sports and excelled at them all. He is especially great at wrestling, football and all physical education games. He is kind and very helpful and a very fun-loving kid. I am honored to get to nominate Kai Plinski for the character counts award ~Mr. Atkins

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