April 16, 2018: Maximus Gustines and Vincent Arnicar

Maximus Gustines

Maximus is a great role model! He comes to school everyday prepared and ready to learn. He shows respect to teachers and classmates. Maximus follows directions the first time they are given. He is kind and considerate. Maximus also has a great sense of humor and loves to share something funny or an interesting fact he’s discovered. He’s a true pleasure to have in class!


Vincent Arnicar

Mr. Atkins selected Vincent "Vinnie" Arnicar for the character counts award due to his huge heart and eagerness to help anytimehe needs something. He is a kind and polite young man that always has something nice to say. He enjoys physical activity and games of all types...especially Wallball. His "character" is a model for many others to follow and Mr. Atkins is happy to teach such a fun-loving student!


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