Communitrees Tree Planting Day October 2012

South Jefferson Elementary recently had the privilege of working with the WV CommuniTrees Project that "promotes urban tree planting and public education through volunteerism on a region scale. The program also focuses on enhancing and promoting awareness of watershed and riparian area needs such as storm water management, water quality issues, buffer zone planting, and soil erosion. The project is entirely volunteer based and engages stakeholders in the process of making priority decisions within their respective communities and offers a strong educational message along with a physical planting component. The WV Project CommuniTree slogan is “Building Communities from the Roots Up”. In 2009 the Eastern Panhandle Chapter was formed among the counties of Morgan, Berkeley and Jefferson. Project CommuniTree assists communities and organizations on a regional level with funding and grant opportunities, technical assistance, and outreach for planting projects and educational workshops".

Our students assisted in the planting of over 100 trees on our property, learning about the proper planting procedures of trees, how trees impact our school and our community and the value of connecting with nature. This project is an extension of our new nature trail that wraps around the property and our outdoor classroom. All of these projects are designed to "reconnect" our students with nature and to teach them the value of nature at an early age. Our students had so much fun, digging in the dirt, learning about the trees that we were planting and realizing that they were impacting the future with this planting day. We are sure that this project made a lasting impression on our students.





tree planting

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