K & J

Congratulations Peyton Jones
For a Positive Principal Referral!

Peyton Jones

Congratulations Avarie Gallahan

For a Positive Principal Referral!

Avarie Gallahan

Congratulations Braxton Skiles
For a Positive Principal Referral!

Braxton Skiles

Braxton helped a friend outside climb up the climbing wall by covering him just in case he fell and was encouraging him to climb!

Thoryn Davis - Positive Principal Referral

Thoryn Davis

I chose Billy as Student of the Week because he exhibits a positive attitude, good manners, and a good work ethic in my class. ~Mrs. Raddish

Congratulations Bryce Jenkins
for a Positive Principal Award! 

Bryce Jenkins

Bryce saw that a classmate was upset and needed help calming down. Bryce offered to get the student drawing supplies and stayed with him until he was set up.
~Ms. Shearer

Positive Principal Referral for Kerra Maloney!Kierra Maloney

Congratulations Wyatt Meadows
for a Positive Principal Referral!

Wyatt Meadows

Wyatt helped the PTO officers set up tables for the used book sale without being asked! ~ PTO officers

Congratulations Landon Dingus
for a Positive Principal Referral!
Landon Dingus
Landon helped set up tales without being asked for the PTO Used Book sale!~ PTO Officers

Congratulations Vincent Armicar
for a Positive Principal Referral!
Vincent Armicar
Vincent helped set up tables without being asked for the PTO Used Book Sale! ~ PTO Officers

Congratulations Camren Manual
for a Positive Principal Referral!

Camren Manuel

Camren helped out a friend without having to be asked. He is always there to lend a hand, and always has a smile on his face. He's respectful and kind towards others!
~ Mrs. Cavanaugh

Congratulations Madison Hopson 
for a Positive Principal Referral!
Madison Hopson
Madison is an awesome student & her work deserves to be recognized! Her reading and writing is very impressive for her age. She stays on task, tries her best and participates in all classroom discussions.  Keep it up, Madison!
~ Mrs. Fox

Congratulations Gavin Har

for a Positive Principal Referral!

Gavin Harris

Gavin always tries his best.  His enthusiasm is awesome and he's very creative! ~Ms. Horne & Ms. Dodge

Madison Hopson

3rd Graders Receive Knowledge & Trees!

third trees

Heather Duncan from the Eastern Panhandle Conservation District educated 3rd grade with the  importance of trees, how to care for the little Blue Spruce seedling they each receive. A few student volunteers  demonstrated how to “plant” a tree. 

Congratulations Aubrey Benner for a PositivePrincipal's Award!Aubrey Benner
Aubrey is a wonderful friend to all of her classmates. When she sees that a classmate needs help or a partner to work with, she is the first one to jump in and volunteer - Mrs. Rosa

Congratulations Peyton Jones
for a Positive Principal Referral!
Peyton Jones
Peyton is always willing to help others and volunteers to do the recycling everyday! She always takers her time on her work and helps others when they don't understand.
~Mrs. Zimmerman

Congratulations Grace Bell for a Positive Principal Referral!
Grace Bell
Grace volunteered to help hide eggs for Mrs. Horne's class egg hunt! ~Mrs. Horne

Congratulations Scarlet Caldwell
for a Positive Principal Award! 
Scarlet Caldwell
Scarlet volunteered to help hide eggs for Mrs. Horne's class egg hunt!  ~Mrs. Horne

Congratulations Brayden Braithwaite
for a Positive Principal's Award!
Brayden Braithwaite
Brayden is a wonderful student. He is kind, respectful and always willing to help. I want to recognize him for the great job he has been doing with his work!  He stays on task and works very well to complete his work in a timely manner! I would also like to recognize the hard work he has been putting in especially during reading! ~Mrs. Sokel

Congratulations Shyloh Ambroise 
for a Positive Principal Award!
Shiloh Ambroise
Shyloh has set a wonderful example in our classroom all year - she is kind, respectful, and always gives 100% to her work.  We are so happy she has been a part of our class this year and can't wait to see how far she goes in the future!

Congratulations Camren Togan
for a Positive Principal Award!
Camren Togan
Camren volunteered to hide eggs for Mrs. Horne's class egg hunt! ~ Mrs. Horne

Congratulations Kohlton Dailey
for a Positive Principal's Award!
Kohlton Dailey
Kohlton has been very reflective towards his work. He willingly wants to fix and learn from his mistakes. Continue to show such a great growth mindset ! ~ Mrs. Sunday

These 5th graders began this month's Jefferson County board meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Helen Keysor!
Helen Keysor
Helen stopped when others didn't to help her peer pick up papers that had fallen out of a recycling bin that this peer was carrying!

Caiden Morningstar
Caden has worked extremely hard with a positive attitude! He's worked through challenges and his efforts in class are his greatest shown yet! ~ Mrs. Sunday

Alexis Rohrer
Alexis is a great helper at bus dismissal and during Ms. Smallwood's absence on bus duty, she went above & beyond!  ~ Ms. Lancaster

Travis Duvall
Travis has taken a personal pride in his work and a serious initiative to doing well.  His hard work is paying off and I'm very proud of him ~ Mrs. Ceravalo
Travis Duvall

POSITIVE PRINCIPAL AWARD .... Fiona Walsh!Fiona Walsh
Fiona is always caring and helpful towards her peers, but she went above & beyond in class helping her small group out in presenting their research project. When her friends got stuck or forgot what to say, she guided them through it! ~ Mrs. Weaver

SJES ballers ~ Mr. Atkins & Mr. Collins


Happy St. Patrick's Day from S.J.E. ~ 

Mrs. Weaver's kindergarten class had some mischievous activity in her classroom over the weekend, and although the sneaky leprechaun's left behind some messes, their clues lead the students to some prizes to enjoy!

st. pat's

S.J.E really gets into what they read! 
During National Education Week, our school members dressed as a storybook character and paraded through the halls!

character books

Congratulations Anaka Doleman & Khloe Rhoe Jones
for a Positive Principal Referral!
Doleman & Jones
These girls won the estimation activity for the school, and instead of accepting 2 prizes for their class to enjoy they gave the 2nd prize to the runner up! This allowed the 2nd grade to enjoy a prize as well! ~ Ms. Shearer

Evan Devaney
Congratulations Evan Devaney for a
Positive Principal Referral !

Evan has made so many improvements since the beginning of the year in his writing, identifying words and contributing to class discussions! I am so impressed with his stick-with-it- attitude! His positive attitude & enthusiasm is something I wish for every student ~ Mrs. Fox

Congratulations to Cyrus Butera...
for a Positive Principal Referral !

Cyrus Butera

"While I was subbing for 2 days, Cyrus would stay back from bus dismissal to put all of the student chairs on the desks because for those who didn't do their job. He made sure the room was in perfect order without being asked or told by me ~ Mrs. Cloud

Congratulations to Braxton Skiles.....
for a Positive Principal Referral!

Braxton Skiles
Braxton saw another child sitting alone on the playground and asked him if he was o.k. and would like to play with him!
~ Mrs. Zimmerman

100 Days of School!!!!

100 Days

Congratulations to Tyler Erhardt........
for a Positive Principal Referral! 

Tyler Erhardt

Tyler helped a hurt first grader on the playground. After she got help, he stayed with her until she was feeling better and ready to play! ~ Mrs. Sunday

Congratulations Cassidy Greenwalt....
for a Positive Principal Referral!
Cassidy Greenwalt
Cassidy saw another student sitting alone on the buddy bench and asked them to play.  She is very sweet, helpful and kind
~ Mrs. Rosa

Valentine's Day

Yearbook Sales

Don’t forget to order your 2018-2019 South Jefferson Elementary yearbook!

Orders are being taken now through March 22ndall yearbooks are pre-sale only!

NO EXTRA YEARBOOKS will be available in May.

  • Payment to school price: $25 (make checks out to SJES and send in an envelope marked “yearbook” to your child’s teacher) 
  • Save $ and order online… only $20:order at and use the School Code: 11890119

R.J. Sturba
Congratulations to R.J. Sturba for a Positive Office Referral! Mrs. Sunday expressed how much she appreciates the service he provides in showing he respects the classroom and our school by his volunteering to clean areas of the classroom after school everyday.

Rebecca Benner
Congratulations to Rebecca Benner for receiving a Positive Office Referral!  Mrs. Sunday boasts that she has volunteered to clean areas of her classroom after school for three consecutive days showing great respect for the school and classroom. She appreciates this service immensely! 

Reve Wesco
Congratulations to Reve Wesco nominated by Mrs. DeAnna in art! Reve is so helpful in showing compassion for others in class and is appreciated for her maturity.

yearbook winners
Congratulations to Danielle Williams, Evan Foley, and Grace Bell for winning the Yearbook Cover Contest!  Their drawings will be on the yearbook and they each won a free yearbook!  Way to go!

read aloud

A weekly visit from YOU

Can make a lifetime difference to a child.

Share favorite books

Motivate children to WANT to read
Serve as a role model and become friends.

Please join us for one of our scheduled orientations.

Tuesday, January 29th–6:00 – 7:30 pm

Charles Town Library


Saturday, February 2nd-10:00 am – 11:30 am

Jefferson Security Bank by Food Lion Shepherdstown


If you are interested in reading in a class or have questions? Please contact Laurie Saunders, Jefferson County Chapter President by email at or call (703) 727-2518

Charles Town Public Library Therapy Dog
picture of Maddie

Pictured above is Maddie Kline, reading to the therapy dog, Ozzie, at the Charles Town Public Library.  Ozzie is from the organization called Wags for Hope.  Anyone can sign up to read at the Charles Town Public Library.  Check it out!

Kindergarten Stations

Library Stations

Positive Principal Referrals
picture of madison

Congratulations to Madison Smith for being nominated by Mrs. Rosa!  Madison always works hard and is a great friend to her classmates!  Way to go Madison!

picture of Amijah

Congratulations to Amijah for being nominated by Mrs. Rosa.  She works hard everyday and is very sweet.  She always gives 110% to everything she does!

pic of rezdyn
Congratulations to Rezdyn Whitaker for being nominated by Mrs. Sunday.  When Rezdyn became frustrated with a challenging science investigation, he stepped away and used strategies to calm down.  He then tried again and figured out how to light the bulb.  Way to go!

80s day

PASS Volunteer Training 

PASS (Providing Academic and Self-esteem Support) 

Our PASS program creates a positive impact on the lives of students and volunteers alike. If you have an hour or two each week to volunteer in our schools, please consider being a PASS mentor. 

Training for PASS volunteers will be held 


1:00 -3:00 PM  

Jefferson County Board of Education Central Office 

110 Mordington Avenue   

Charles Town, WV 


For more information about PASScontact Mary Ellen Lloyd or your local elementary or middle school counselor. 


Pre-registration for training is required.  

Contact Mary Ellen Lloyd,  

Facilitator of Student Support Services 

304-728-9235 or 



4th Grade NAEP Information

To the parents of 4th graders, I’m excited to announce that our school has been selected to participate in the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress also known as NAEP. It is the largest continuing and nationally representative assessment of what students across the country know and can do in a variety of subject areas. Some of our best and brightest 4th-graders have been selected to take assessments in mathematics and reading. To those that have been selected for this important test, they have all our support and we have NO doubt that you will represent us well! More details to follow as we move closer to our school’s test day. Thank you in advance for your involvement.  For any questions, reach out to Mrs. Payne.

Positive Principal Referral

picture of Carter
Congratulations to Carter Merritt for being nominated by Mrs. Sunday!  Carter went above and beyond on a bonus assignment.  He used 7 books to research the Civil War and wrote a 4 page paper on it.  What wonderful dedication!  We are proud of your hard work, Carter!

Hero Project in Action

kindergarten making bags

Kindergarten students made sugar free candy bags for residents at a local nursing home.

picture of first graders and veterans
First graders collected donations for our veterans.  They also made Christmas cards and delivered them to our veterans, thanking them for their service and spreading some Christmas joy!
picture of Mrs. Fincham's class

Second graders collected winter donations for community ministries. 
picture of Mr. Collins
Mr. Collins delivered the donations that the 5th graders collected for the Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County.

Author Visit

author reading notes students showing author their writing student showing author their writing
On Friday, December 14th, local author Pam Miller came to visit Mrs. Mangum’s class. She shared her stories with the students and also many valuable writing tips. The students got a chance to share some of their writing with Mrs. Miller, which she enjoyed hearing. 
Thank you to Mrs. Miller for sharing her time and talent with us! 

SJE Super  Hero Project

Each year South Jefferson chooses a school-wide theme. This year, as our school theme, we are celebrating heroes! Heroes in the community, heroes in the country, and heroic behavior in our day-to-day life. We would like to celebrate these behaviors and encourage them among our students. In order to do this, we need your help!  


Here is a list of some examples of “heroic behavior” that your child might participate in: 

  • Volunteering at a local animal shelter 

  • Visiting the elderly at a local nursing home or veteran at the VA hospital 

  • Helping to clean up or recycle trash  

  • Collecting food for a canned food drive 


This is how you can help: 

In order to celebrate the “heroes” of our school, we would like you to take pictures or document the heroic behavior your child displays. For example, if your child collects hats and gloves for a clothing drive, snap a photo of them dropping them off, and send it to their homeroom teacher. Your child will have an opportunity to share with their class and explain how that good deed or behavior made them feel! This will give our students an opportunity to give presentations in front of their class and help them to understand the importance of being a hero every day. 

It is our hope to compile an SJE heroes video with all of the photos we receive to show to the students at our heroes assembly later in the year. 

***Please send photos to Ms. Sigley or to your child's homeroom teacher.  Thank you!***

3rd Grade Gingerbread Houses

3rd graders with gingerbread houses

The third graders had their annual Gingerbread House making day.  Many parent volunteers came in and helped students make and decorate their very own gingerbread house.  Always a holiday favorite here at South Jefferson!


Safety Patrol Learns Flag Etiquette 

flag patrol

Prepositional Circus

Mrs. Blank's class

Mrs. Blank's class had a prepositional circus today that was really fun! They created sentences with their group mates to act out their sentences with prepositions !

Kinder-Gingerbread Men!

kindergartners making gingerbread men

Ms. Horne's class decorated their own gingerbread men after reading several versions of The Gingerbread Man. 

Decorating the Bank Tree

students decorating bank tree

Fourth grade students Jeremiah Brown, Calissa Cooper, and Garrett Millis work hard to make the United Bank tree look festive with ornaments that SJE students made!  Be sure to stop in the bank and check it out!

Teachers Awarded Grants to Enhance Learning Experiences

Picture of teachers with check

Congratulations to Mr. Atkins, Mrs. DeAnna, Mrs. Hillman, Ms. Manzuk, and Mrs. Shearer for being awarded grants from the Eastern West Virginia Community Foundation!  Mr. Atkins will use his funds to purchase weekend activity bags that students will be able to take home and use over the weekend to stay fit and active!  Mrs. DeAnna's grant will be put towards the school wide tile project.  Mrs.  Hillman's grant will be used to purchase robotics for the media center.  Ms. Manzuk will be able to purchase an ipad and OSMO kit to use in the classroom.  Mrs. Shearer's grant, "Children of the World: Exploring Our World through Song" will provide students the opportunity to experience songs from African, Middle Eastern and Latin American cultures by playing musical games and accompanying their singing with culturally appropriate rhythm instruments.  In addition to receiving the funds they requested, Mr. Atkins and Mrs. Shearer received an additional $100 each because of their outstanding grant proposals!  Thank you to the Eastern West Virginia Community Foundation for making these great projects happen for our students!

Author Visit

author visiti author talking to kids author talking to students
Children’s book author, Pam Miller, visits kindergarten classes to talk about being a creative writer and how to gather ideas.  She also read some of her books and used a flannel board to assist with characters and sequencing.  The children loved it!


Literature Fair

Thank you to all of the students and their families for making our first Literature Fair such a success!  We are looking forward to an even bigger and better one next year!

picture from literature fairpictures from literature fair

Positive Principal referralS

Picture of Jeremiah
Congratulations to Jeremiah Brown who was nominated by Mrs. Sunday for his Positive Principal Referral!  Jeremiah told a peer that it is not right to talk about others behind their back.  Standing up for others shows much integrity and respect.  Way to go, Jeremiah!  Thank you for being such a positive example for others!

Picture of Derek
Congratulations to Derek Shipe for earning a Positive Principal Referral.  Mrs. Grantham has nominated Derek because he has been working hard!  Way to go, Derek!
picture of Aiden
Congratulations to Aiden Rovelli for being nominated by Mrs. Noland.  Aiden jumped into action when a classmate spilled their water bottle in the hallway.  Thank you so much, Aiden!

Superhero/Sports Hero Day

superhero day
pic of kindergartenpicture of porter


WVU Pumpkin Drop

Members of the Engineering Club visited WVU for the annual pumpkin drop.
WVU pumpkin drop
kids on WVU field

K Kids Club Window Painting

Members of the K Kids Club painted windows in Charles Town.  It's looking pretty festive!  Nicely done!

kids painting

Cutest Pumpkins in the Patch!

Pictures of first grade field trip

First graders enjoyed picking out their pumpkins and exploring Great Country Farms on their field trip!

Safety Patrol

safety patrol pictures

Our Safety Patrols were "sworn in" by Officer Todd Lutman and are excited to start their new duties!  They will be assisting in the hallways, during bus arrival and dismissal, and will be putting up and taking down our flags each day.  We are excited about this huge leadership opportunity for them!

Thank You, Middleway Fire Department!

Middleway Fire Department went over fire safety and prevention with our K-2 students.  They had a great time checking out the fire truck and learning about fire safety!

firefighter fire truck
boys girls


Positive Principal Referrals

picture of Alexis
Congratulations to Alexis Rohrer who was nominated by Mrs. Rosa!  She did a wonderful job helping two new students find their classrooms!  She sets a great example as one of our safety patrols!
picture of sam
Congratulations to Sam Speck for being nominated by Ms. Dodge!  Sam helped a classmate who has a broken arm, by carrying their lunch tray for them, while also carrying his own lunch box.  Thank you for being a caring friend!
picture of Alex
Congratulations to Alex Everhart for being nominated by Mr. Atkins.  Alex saw a classmate struggling to use the fountain because they had their coat in their hand.  So Alex held the button down for the classmate while they got their drink.  Thank you for being such a good helper!

picture of Joey
Congratulations to Joey Hoffman for being nominated by Mrs. Hillman!  Joey makes sure to greet everyone he passes with a smile and a positive attitude!  He is always polite, focused, and on-task during class.  Thank you for being such a good example for your classmates!

picture of Grayson
Way to go, Grayson Koller!  Mrs. Jones and Mrs. McKee nominated Grayson after he noticed a student was upset, and asked a teacher what he could do to cheer them up!  Thank you for showing such compassion!  We are proud of you!

picture of Marlee
Congratulations to Marlee Brown who was nominated by Ms. Horne!  Marlee volunteers to sweep the floor and clean up during dismissal time.  She is a great classroom helper and we are so proud of her hard work!  Thank you, Marlee!
picture of Julian
Congratulations to Julian Wilcom-Thomas for being nominated by Mrs. Mangum for being caring and compassionate!  When Julian sees a peer upset, he goes over to them and tries to cheer them up and makes sure they're okay.  We are so proud of you, Julian!

picture of Helen
Congratulations to Helen Keysor for being nominated by Mrs. Fox!  Helen shared her shape book with our class.  She worked hard on coloring her shapes and describing them in her writing.  She read aloud to the class, showed the pictures she drew, and did a wonderful job!  We are so proud of you!

Poster Contest Winners!

picture of RJ and Claire

Congratulations to R.J. Sturba and Claire Miles!  R.J. won first place in the Eastern Panhandle Conservation District Poster contest, while Claire won second place with her poster!  R.J.'s entry will now go on to the state level.  Good luck, R.J.!  We're so proud of both of you!


Extra! Extra! Write All About It!

picture of Mrs. Payne with 3rd graders

Third grade students visited Mrs. Payne's office to read her stories that they have been writing.  They were so excited to share their stories with her!  Keep up the good writing boys and girls!

Happy Retirement, Mr. Jenkins!

picture of Mr. Jenkinspicture of tree tag

Mr. Jenkins has officially retired after 30 years in education!  A tree was planted in his honor in front of the school with an engraved tree charm.  He was the principal at South Jefferson Elementary for the past 13 years.  We thank him for his dedication to our Roadrunners and we wish him the best in his retirement!

Parent Information Night 

October 9th
Wright Denny Intermediate 
Sponsored by the Jefferson County Elementary Counselors
How can I help my child socially and emotionally?
Join us for a night of sharing ideas and information related to the 40 developmental assets. 
Reserve your spot: 304-885-5020 or e-mail 
Free pizza will be served.

Rotary Reads

pic of rotary
5th graders with thesaurus
The Rotary Clubs of Charles Town and Shepherdstown came to South Jefferson this week to give dictionaries to the 3rd grade students and thesauruses to the 5th graders.  This is part of their "Rotary Reads" program.  Thank you so much for your support of our students and their education!  The students were so excited to have their very own dictionary and thesaurus!  We can't wait to see their writing improve!

Positive Principal Referrals

picture of Ella
Congratulations to Ella Shively who was nominated by Mrs. Zimmerman!  They had a new student in class and Ella was very caring and helpful with the student!  Thank you for being so compassionate, Ella!

picture of Cameron
Congratulations to Cameron Burdick for being nominated by Mrs. Mangum!  A student had to leave the room to see the nurse and when they returned to class they had already started a buddy reading assignment.  Cameron had already finished his assignment but offered to read the story again with the student so he would have a buddy.  We are so proud of him and his display of kindness!  Thank you for being a good friend, Cameron!

"App"solutley Loving Kindergarten!

Kindergarten apple pictures
picture of kindergarten centers

 "Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning.  But for children play is serious learning.  Play is really the work of childhood." -Mr. Rogers  

Fun Times in First!

picture of first graders making applesauce

After a month long study on apples and Johnny Appleseed, the first graders made in Ms. Sigley’s class made applesauce and then explained the process in How to Make Applesauce books.

Positive Principal Referrals

pic of Lizzy
Congrats to Lizzy Tuitelle for being nominated by Mrs. Fox!  Lizzy comes to school each day with a smile on her face and always has a positive attitude.  Her love of learning warms Mrs. Fox's heart!  Way to go, Lizzy!

pic of Ava
Congratulations to Ava Brenneke for her positive principal referral!  Mrs. Sunday nominated Ava for being a great role model for her peers!  She learns from her mistakes and is resourceful by using materials to work through problems.  Way to go, Ava!

pic of Rebecca
Congratulations to Rebecca Benner!  She was also nominated by Mrs. Sunday for always helping herself and her classmates to follow directions and care for their classroom.  She is also resourceful in using materials to work through problems.  Thank you, Rebecca!
picture of Kaiden
Congratulations to Kaiden Glenn for being nominated by Mrs. McKee, Ms. Slagle, and Mr. Atkins!  Kaiden has been mentoring a 3rd grade student who sometimes has a hard time.  He goes out of his way to make sure he's having a good day.  Way to go, Kaiden!
pic of kohlton
Congratulations to Kohlton Dailey on his nomination by Mrs. Shearer.  Kohlton alerted Mrs. Shearer to a broken mallet.  Had he played the instrument instead, he would have caused significant damage to the instrument!  Thank you for being responsible Kohlton!

Positive Principal Referral

Mrs. Rosa nominated Jake Williams for a positive principal referral!  Jake has been very compassionate to a friend in his class that is struggling to make positive choices.  Congratulations, keep up the good work!

Centers in Kindergarten 
picture of kindergarteners

The Balanced Literacy reading centers are in full swing in Mrs. Zimmerman's kindergarten class!  Their next goal is to implement math centers!  Keep up the good work boys and girls!

Positive Principal Referral

pic of Noah

Congratulations to Noah Portrey for his positive principal referral from Mrs. Fincham!  When a student in their classroom was crying because he didn't have any friends to play with, Noah quickly responded with "I'll be your friend!  You can play with me!"  Thank you for being so kind and caring Noah!

Positive Principal Referral

pic of Michael

Congratulations to Michael for being nominated by Mrs. Noland.  Michael tried to help someone else from getting into trouble by gesturing to be quiet.  Way to go Michael!

Employee of the Month

picture of Mrs. Fox

Congratulations to Mrs. Fox who was nominated as South Jefferson's Employee of the Month!  Mrs. Fox drew the beautiful artwork in the boys and girls bathrooms.  They really brightened up the bathrooms while giving the students encouraging messages to read throughout their school day!  Thank you, Mrs. Fox!

Positive Principal Referral

pic of girls

These three lovely girls right here know what kindness is all about!  They were nominated for a positive principal referral by Mrs. Payne when they noticed a kindergartener who was having a hard time leaving their parent at drop off.  They saw the child crying and walked them to their classroom.  Thank you for showing such compassion!  We are so proud of you!

Positive Principal Referral
picture of liam

Congratulations to Liam Stull for earning a positive principal referral from Mrs. DeAnna!  Liam picked up paper towels laying on the bathroom floor and threw them away! Thank you for your help in keeping our school clean!

Positive Principal Referral

Photo of Jackson Walls

Congratulations to Jackson Walls for the first positive principal referral of the year!  Jackson was nominated by Miss Potts when he stopped and let an adult get through the line in the hallway.  We are so proud of your kind act!

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