Physical Education Class

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Degrees and Certifications: Health and Physical Education K-12

About Mr. Atkins

Chris Atkins attended James Madison University where he studied Kinesiology and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical and Health Education. After graduating from JMU, Chris practiced personal training at multiple health clubs including Lifetime Fitness, Fitness First and Gold's Gym. He has teaching experience at both the middle school and elementary levels in health and physical education. He has completed his Master's Degree in Physical Education Teacher Education from West Virginia University.

At South Jefferson Elementary School, Mr. Atkins is focused on teaching students through proven instructional methodologies such as the Pedagogical Approach to Sports Education (PASE) in grades 3 through 5, and a blended Skills and Fitness themed model for grades kindergarten through 2nd grade. In addition to teaching students about lifetime physical activity, Mr. Atkins has devoted his time to increasing and changing the wellness and school environment into a healthy place for both students and staff.

Mr. Atkins is married to his wife Rachel and they have two children, Colin (9) and Preston (5). He enjoys cycling in his free time and is always planning bike rides to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. Ask about details...I love to talk about it!