October 22, 2018: Maddie Kline & Emily Slagle

Maddie Kline

picture of Maddie

I have chosen Maddie Kline as student of the week because she demonstrates important characteristics including fairness, responsibility, caring, and respect. She always works diligently in art class, taking her time and doing her best work. Her work ethic shows her sense of responsibility. She is always respectful and is a great listener in class while her peers are giving input. Every art class, she strives to help out any classmate in need of assistance, showing others that she cares. In addition to showing these great qualities, she is also an amazing artist! Maddie is a wonderful, helpful student and I am very pleased to name her Student of the Week!
-Mrs. DeAnna - Art Teacher

Emily Slagle

picture of Emily

It is my pleasure to nominate Emily for Character Counts. Emily is a hard working, caring, creative and honest student. She tries her best in every subject, every day! She comes to class with a smile each day and always has a kind word for her classmates.  I am thrilled to have her in my class this year. Keep up the good work, Emily!
-Mrs. Mangum

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