September 17, 2018: KJ Berry & Carter Merritt

KJ Berry

pic of KJ

 K.J. is a great kid! He is always paying attention and is eager to learn. He’s a good friend to all of his classmates.   Keep up the good work, KJ!

Carter Merritt

picture of Carter
Carter Merritt is an amazing student for numerous reasons. He is quick to lend a helping hand, he puts forth 100% effort each and every class, he is a great role model for other students, and always a leader in every sense of the word. Carter has excelled in physical education in both the skills and fitness portions of the class, especially when he completed many laps over the required maximum FITNESSGRAM Pacer test. He always seems to reach deep inside and give a little more and that is what helps him to succeed in every aspect of his young life. I am very thrilled to have the pleasure of awarding him with the Character Counts award for this week. Congratulations!!!
-Mr. Atkins

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