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In 2011, I graduated from Shepherd University with a degree in Elementary Education. My wife Lisa and I have two beautiful girls, Kylie and Annabelle. As a family we love traveling and exploring new places. The South Jefferson parents, students, and staff have been amazing, and I am extremely grateful to be a roadrunner.

Classroom needs.....
Bright Multi-Color Pack of Printer Paper
Printer Paper
Magnetic Expo Markers
Zip-Lock Bags

Chalk Erasers

Morning Math Help 
I am available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings starting at 8:15 to offer 5th grade students math help.

When your child arrives, you will need to drop them off at the rider loop. The door will open at 8:15. Ms. Ronda knows that I will be helping students, so have your child tell her that they are here for morning math help with Mr. Collins. She will let them walk to my room. If your 5th grader has a younger sibling, they will be able to wait with Ms. Ronda until the bell rings at 8:35 for them to go to their classroom. They should bring something quiet to do such as read a book or draw.

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